GICセンター(Global Interdisciplinary Courses)

GICの特色のある授業 Classes with Distinguishing Features

様々な大学で教鞭をとる一流の講師陣がそれぞれの専門分野の授業を英語で行います。自然科学分野では化学や環境にスポットを当てた授業、その他、音楽、演劇、武士道、貧困・移民・紛争といった社会問題など、さまざまなテーマを取り上げていきます。また、現代ビジネス論では日々刻々と変化するGlobal businessの展望をビジネス界の第一線で活躍する講師陣から学ぶことができるでしょう。

World-class lecturers who teach at various universities will conduct classes in their specialized fields in English. GIC offers courses in a variety of subjects: from natural sciences courses in chemistry and the environment to music, drama, and Bushido, and courses that deal with social problems such as poverty, immigration, and international disputes. Also for the “Topics in Contemporary Business” course, students can learn about the prospects of a rapidly changing global business environment from expert lecturers who are at the forefront of the business world.

【GICのオリジナル科目/ GIC's Original Courses】
科学と環境Ⅰ・Ⅱ/ Science and the Environment Ⅰ・Ⅱ
現代ビジネス論Ⅰ・Ⅱ/ Topics in Contemporary Business Ⅰ・Ⅱ
アカデミック・リテラシー/ Academic Literacy
健康・身体活動Ⅰ/ Health and Human Performance Ⅰ
老年学Ⅰ/ Gerontlogy Ⅰ
  • 授業風景/About the Video(動画/Movie)PDF

    2016年度春学期開講の「アカデミック・リテラシー」と「音楽I」の授業風景、および講師と学生のインタビュー動画です。GIC科目の一端を感じていただけると思います。なお、この動画はKeio GlobalのFacebook掲載用に撮影されたもので、Keio Globalの許可を得て転載しております。This video shows scenes from the 2016–17 academic year's Spring Semester Academic Literacy and Music I classes as well as interviews with the lecturers and students. We hope it will help you understand Global Interdisciplinary Courses a little better. This video was made for Keio Global's Facebook page and has been reproduced here with their permission.