GICセンター(Global Interdisciplinary Courses)

GICカリキュラム GIC Curriculum

[GICコア科目の履修]         +        [GICリサーチ科目の履修] 
The Core Courses for GIC                        The Reseach Courses for GIC                     
                   = [40単位以上で修了認定!]
 More than 40 credits required for GIC certification                                      
                 The ratio of Core Course and Research Course credits is not fixed.
                 When taking multiple courses of the same course name and the same lecturer,  
                 only one credit for one course is calculated.

GICコア科目 The Core Courses


The “core courses” refer to fundamental subjects. They will be offered primarily at Hiyoshi Campus and SFC. The capacity of courses is about 50 to 100. GIC provides various kinds of courses from regular lecture-style teaching to omnibus lecture series and courses for which more than one lecturer is in charge. Moreover, there are Academic Literacy courses (with a fixed number of 25 students to a class) that focus on strengthening English language ability and there are also other courses in which students can improve practical skills in music.
※For the handling of credits, please refer to the Website of GIC and the course registration guide for each faculty.

GICリサーチ科目 The Research Courses


“Research courses” are equivalent to the major field courses and are taught in English (or other foreign languages) by undergraduate faculties and research institutes and centers.
※Some courses may not be accepted by the undergraduate faculty as graduation requirements.
(For details, please refer to the course registration guide for each faculty.)