GICセンター(Global Interdisciplinary Courses)

GIC認定科目一覧 GIC-certified Courses

各年度のGIC認定科目は以下の通りです。 対象科目は年度によって異なりますので注意してください。また履修が制限されている科目もありますので、各科目の履修の可否や履修方法および進級・卒業単位としての扱いについては、各学部・センターの履修案内や講義要綱・シラバス等を必ず確認してください。


GIC-certified Courses in each academic year are as follows. Please note courses are different depending on  the academic year. As some courses have restrictions  on registration, please check the syllabus or the course registration guides for each faculty/center whether it is possible for you to register for the course, the procedures for registration, and how the credits will be counted towards the requirements for advancing to the next grade or for graduation.
※Courses with restrictions on registration for students of other faculties and graduate schools.
※Among the research courses, only students that passed the selection in advance can register for the Faculty of Business and Commerce courses(GPP program) and some of the Faculty of Economics courses(PCP program).
※First-year students cannot register for International Center Courses,excluding the short-term study abroad programs.
※Courses at SFC in Fall Semester may chenge.
※ Please note when taking courses that have the same course name but are taught by different lecturers may not be approved as a GIC-certified course.