GICセンター(Global Interdisciplinary Courses)

履修にあたって Important Notes of Registering for GIC Courses

① 授業定員について Course Capacity


Course capacity is different depending on the course. As for courses that focus on debate, presentations, academic skills, and practical skills, etc., the number of students is fixed to about 15 to 25, and for lecture-style courses, the number is about 50 to 100. Some courses will hold a selection on the first day of class. When the number of students exceeds the capacity, students will be chosen by a draw. 

② 英語力について English Ability


All the courses  are the same level of difficulty as regular courses taught in Japanese, so students should have the language ability to understand the course content in English.
For more details of courses, please refer to the syllabus.

③ 選考について Selection Criteria for GIC Courses


English language ability is not part of  the selection criteria, but some courses will have a selection process (e.g. "Music" course will hold a performance audition and "Psychology" course will hold a screening test). All the students wishing to register for these courses must attend the first day of the class. Please refer to the syllabus and the GIC Website for detail.

④ 授業形態 Type of Courses


There  are different type of courses: courses for which classes are held every week: intensive courses that are held two class slots; and courses that are held over two class slots every two weeks. For more details, please refer to the syllabus.

⑤ 事前登録不要 Advance Registration Unnecessary


Students do not need to register for the GIC courses in advance.
Please register for courses according to the website of GIC or the course registration guides for each faculty during the course registration period in the Spring Semester in April.

⑥ GIC科目履修申告・単位取得状況確認  Confirmation of course registration and completion of course requirements for GIC Courses


On the website, students can confirm the number of credits for completed courses and courses in progress under "Confirmation of course registration and completion of course requirements for GIC Courses".
All GIC Courses, although they are registered under a specific type of course (e.g. General Education Subject, Elective Subject, and Optional Subject), will be calculated toward GIC certification.
However, when taking multipule courses of the same course name and the same lecturer, only one credit for one course is calculated.