GICセンター(Global Interdisciplinary Courses)

所長メッセージ Message from the Director

                                                       GICセンター所長 鈴村 直樹

2016年4月よりGICセンター(Center for Global Interdisciplinary Courses)では英語(またはその他の外国語)による授業で一定単位を取得した学生に修了証を与えるプログラムを開始しています。これにはすべての学部学生が参加できます。
Take the GIC Challenge!の旗印のもと、GICはみなさんの挑戦をお待ちしています。

Message from the Director

Professor Naoki SUZUMURA, Director of the Center for Global Interdisciplinary Courses

The Global Interdisciplinary Courses (GIC), a program that offers courses in English (or other foreign languages) and awards certificates of completion to students who obtain a certain number of credits, was launched in April 2016. The program is open to all undergraduate students.
The Center for Global Interdisciplinary Courses was established in November 2014 as part of the Top Global University Project, with the principle objective of developing international and interdisciplinary personnel. Around the world many complex problems that need resolving keep piling up — from political, economic and social issues to cultural frictions, ethnic conflicts, and environmental issues. At the same time, the latest research breakthroughs in the fields of science and technology and medicine are constantly being sought after. The younger generation must tackle such problems by making use of complex knowledge and methodologies and actively sharing those research findings with society. The Center for Global Interdisciplinary Courses offers effective learning opportunities in English (or other foreign languages) to motivated students.
Universities, as educational institutions, must develop international human resources that have good command of their native language and at least English — this is not only a demand of society but also a need for the students. In order to meet such demand, GIC will offer around 40 classes each semester in the 2017 academic year. GIC courses can be taken freely according to the course registration guides for each undergraduate faculty and there are no prerequisites for English language ability. The program is based on a system that allows motivated students to learn as much as they want.
Fukuzawa, who had strong interest in the wider world and encouraged active interaction between people with true and open minds, concluded the book An Encouragement of Learning with the sentence: “People should not dislike one another.” Similarly at the Center for Global Interdisciplinary Courses we encourage students to “not dislike other languages.” Under the banner of “Take the GIC Challenge!” we are waiting for highly motivated students to take on this exciting new challenge.