【GIC】(対象者のみ)2017年度秋学期履修申告可能科目について / (Elligible students only) AY2017 Fall Semester Registable Courses




Fall Semester course registration for GIC courses

•Students can register for Fall Semester courses that have places available as of August 2017.
The method of registering for courses differs between faculties. Furthermore, students may not be able to register for a course even if listed in the table above depending on their faculty, year level, and enrollment status. Students should inquire with the staff members in charge of their faculty on the campus where they are enrolled if they have any questions about the course registration.
An adjustment of numbers will take place for courses with many registered students as a result of the course registration. The results of the course adjustments are due to be announced from midday on October 5 (Thurs.).