GICセンター(Global Interdisciplinary Courses)

【GICセンター】2018年度GICプログラム修了証授与式について /AY 2018 GIC Program Certificate Award Ceremony



The GIC Program Certificate Award Ceremony for the 2018 academic year was held at Hiyoshi Campus on Tuesday, April 23.
The GIC Certificate is issued to undergraduate students who acquire 40 credits or more during their enrollment at Keio University from among the courses offered or accredited by the GIC Center. 42 students completed the GIC program in the 2018 academic year. Of those, Toshino Koike (graduate of the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies; Graduate School of Media and Governance, first-year master’s student) and Yunfan Sha (Faculty of Business and Commerce, fourth-year undergraduate student) completed the program with excellent grades and were awarded a supplementary prize together with the GIC Certificate from Professor Obi, Director of the Center for Global Interdisciplinary Courses.