[Important] Notices and event information will be posted on keio.jp from September 2, 2019, onward


 The Keio Student Website is scheduled to be renewed at the end of October 2019. Until now, notices and event information for Keio students have been posted on the Keio Student Website (For Keio Students). However, in anticipation of the renewal of this website, new posts will be put up on the “News” column of the keio.jp portal from September 2 onward. Furthermore, after the renewal of the Keio Student Website at the end of October, you will no longer be able to view the notices and event information that were posted there pre-renewal.

Viewing “News” on keio.jp

 Notices and event information relating to the campus and undergraduate faculty or graduate school to which you are affiliated will be posted on the “News” column on the top page of the keio.jp portal.

 If you wish to view news for students with different affiliations or conduct a conditional search of the news posts, please check via the “Show all news” link. 

 Additionally, personal messages will continue to be shown in the “Message” column on the keio.jp top page as before.

Notifications sent to Keio Mail (@keio.jp)

 Urgent and important notices may be sent to your Keio Mail account in addition to being posted on the “News” and “Message” columns on keio.jp. Please get into the habit of regularly checking your Keio Mail (@keio.jp) account.
 It is possible to forward messages to an e-mail account you use regularly or to view Keio Mail from a normal Gmail account.
Inquires on these matters: gsupport_sys@info.keio.ac.jp

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