【PEARL】 Grade Report for 2017 AY Spring First-Half-Semester Courses


Grade reports for Spring First-Half-Semester courses in the 2017 academic year

Grade reports for Spring First-Half-Semester courses in the 2017 academic year can be viewed via keio.jp from 9 a.m. on June 20 (Tues.).

Grades can be viewed via keio.jp. Refer to “How to Read the Grade Report” below before checking your grades.
The grade report this time can only be viewed online and is not sent to guarantors by mail.

1. How to Read the Grade Report
(1) Grade Column
S, A, B, and C are passing grades, whereas D is a fail.
The Grade column will show a question mark (?) for all registered courses in the 2017 academic year other than the 2017 Spring First-Half-Semester courses.

(2) Result Column
The Result column is not displayed since no decision is made on graduation or advancement to the next year at the time of the first half of the Spring Semester.

2. Perusal of Grade Reports
It is possible for students to view their grade reports online via the Keio Single Sign-On System (keio.jp). A Keio ID and password are necessary when using keio.jp.
URL: http://keio.jp/
Access period: June 20 (Tues.) 9:00– (for all year levels)

Grade Reports for 2017 Spring First-Half-Semester Courses

At the Faculty of Economics, queries on grades may be submitted to the faculty counter at the Office of Student Services on the campus where courses are held using the prescribed form (available at the counter or downloadable from the “For Keio Students” website) in cases where the student believes that there are solid grounds for appealing the grade. No other methods are accepted. Students should be aware that individually questioning faculty members without going through the proper channel is considered an act of academic misconduct. The submitted grade query form is sent to the faculty member in charge of the course. The office will only reply to a student if the faculty member responds. Please be aware that faculty members may not respond in some cases. 

The grade query form can only be submitted for 2017 AY Spring First-Half-Semester courses.

Please bring your grade report (printed out from keio.jp), student ID card, and three 82 yen stamps per course queried (excluding anime character stamps, special edition stamps, etc.).

[Submission Period] June 20 (Tues.)–June 26 (Mon.) (8:45–16:45 excluding weekends)
*Grade queries for Spring First-Half-Semester courses will only be accepted during the
 submission period stated above.