【PEARL】Information Session for PEARL Students (Tuesday 1 August)


Dear PEARL Students,

We will be holding an information session for PEARL students as follows:

Date:Tuesday 1 August 2017

Starting Time: Around 11:55 am (Immediately after the completion of Prof. Shirai's Microeconomics end of semester exam)

Place:Classroom 12 (where Prof. Shirai's exam will be held)

     (a)  Introduction to Seminar Classes for PEARL students;
     (b)  Introduction to the PCP Programme;
     (c)  Introduction to the Independent Research Project;
     (d)  Student exchange programmes and double degrees

Attendance is voluntary, but I strongly recommend that all of you attend as this information session is designed to help you make informed choices about your future study paths in the PEARL programme.Best wishes,

Colin McKenzie
PEARL Executive Director