Student Clubs (Group Activities)

Officially Authorized Student Clubs

Each Keio University student club must pass an annual screening before it is officially authorized. According to the screening criteria, the club must have been active for at least one year under the presidency of a faculty member and have a membership composed solely of Keio University students. The club must be run on a voluntary basis by the members themselves without any external manipulation and may not engage in any activities that could be utilized by a business enterprise as an advertising tool, or in any commercial activities that use the name of the University. In academic year 2018, there were 421 officially authorized student clubs in academic, cultural, sporting and other fields.

Application Procedure for Official Authorization 2009 (Applications for AY 2009 have closed)

Clubs seeking official authorization in academic year 2018 must submit the application documents to the campus Student Affairs Office (or the Administrative Office for SFC) between 23 April and 27 April 2018. For further details, please contact the campus Student Affairs Office (or the Administrative Office for SFC).

Click here to view the application qualifications for clubs seeking official authorization in academic year 2018.

Types of Student Clubs

Federation of Cultural Clubs
The federation of cultural clubs pursues a wide range of activities with the aim of cultivating refined, educated students and enriching their emotional development. The federation had about 90 members in academic year 2018 in a variety of fields including research, performing arts, hobbies, religion and music.

Keio University Athletic League

Keio University Athletic League promotes improvement of the overall physical fitness of students while contributing to character development. The various sports clubs established over the years since the founding of the university were organized into the Athletic League in 1892. At the present time, the member clubs represent the university in official sporting events. One of the aims of the Athletic League is to facilitate and encourage participation in physical exercise and sports by ordinary students. Each member club is run independently.

National Federation of Keio Student Associations
The National Federation of Keio Student Associations is a social entity formed of currently enrolled students according to their birthplace in parallel with the regional Mita Clubs formed of Keio alumni. Its aim is the enrichment of local culture. There are currently about 20 Keio Student Associations nationwide, which conduct various cultural activities inside and outside the university in cooperation with former students.

Independent Organizations
Officially authorized organizations which do not belong to the Federation of Cultural Clubs, the Athletic League or the National Federation of Keio Student Associations are called 'independent organizations'. There were about 250 such organizations in academic year 2018 in fields ranging from media, science and culture to international affairs, national examinations, music and sports.

School of Medicine, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Policy Management, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, and Faculty of Pharmacy Student Clubs
Due to the specialized nature of the above faculties and their geographical location, they have their own academic, cultural and sports clubs.

Welfare Organizations
The welfare organizations promote the will of the student government and work to improve the university in order to promote the expansion of cultural and physical activities and contribute to the development and improvement of student life based on the will of the students. The welfare organizations include the Mutual Aid Society, the Party of Rooters, the Institute of International Relations, the Keio-Waseda Baseball Games Support Committee and the Student Counselors (SC), which all work to improve the welfare and well-being of Keio students. Mita Campus also has the Seminar Committee which promotes seminar development. Hiyoshi Campus has the Orientation Committee which, together with the Student Counselors, provides services especially for new students. The Student Health Insurance Committee is active on a University-wide level; meanwhile, the Mita Festival Planning Committee works towards the success of the yearly-held Mita Festival and the Graduation Album Committee produces commemorative material for alumni.