Placement and Career Services Internship


Internship opportunities are announced to all students. And, students apply for them on their own. In other words, Keio University does not recommend or introduce particular internship opportunities to particular students.
If you wish to announce internship opportunities to students, please follow the instructions in the following. Then we will post the information on a bulletin board or in a file to announce the information to students.

Procedures for posting internship opportunities

Please follow this instruction.
make a sheet of your internship opportunity (A4-sized paper and vertical orientation). Required items to include in a sheet of internship opportunities are; academic year(s) to which the internship position will be offered;
  2.detailed information of the program or schedule; and
  3.the specific period when the internship is held
include copies of your company profile or company brochure; and
send all documents by mail or e-mail to our address.

※ We are sorry but we are unable to tell you whether your internship offer is posted or not.
※ We will not post your internship opportunity if those required items (a., b. and c.) are not answered.
※Company brochures are unnecessary if you have sent us the latest version of those already.
※If the period of an internship will be held during our school semester period including an exam period, we will not post the information to students. Please check our school schedule from Contents.
※If your purpose to offer an internship opportunity for students except senior-years which is directly linked to the offer of a full-time position, we do not post your internship opportunity.