Faculty of Economics PEARL

Overview of BA/MA Five Year Programmes

【For PEARL Students】

The Faculty of Economics has agreements with several oversea universities for a combined BA/MA Five Year Programme. Only students enrolled in the Faculty of Economics can apply. Students who satisfy the graduation requirements of both institutions will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Keio and a Master's degree from a partner institution within a total of five years.

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Slots available Eligibility Period of Study Abroad Application Period Language Requirement Other Requirements*
Sciences Po
5 3rd year students 2 years starting from the seventh semester at Keio March TOEFL iBT 100
Expected to obtain 114 credits by the end of the sixth semester.
Bocconi University
MSc requirements include Italian Language (A2 level).
PEARL students only
Expected to obtain 114 credits by the end of the sixth semester.
University of Cologne
5 Have obtained at least 8 credits in statistics and/or mathematics.
Brandeis University
6 4th year students 12 months starting from June or 3 semesters starting from August prior to graduation from Keio November in the previous year Prerequisites include intermediate microeconomics and econometrics.
   *For details of the eligibility requirements and related information, please see the page for each programme.

Institutions Payment of Tuition Fees Graduation from Keio
Science Po Science Po (Tuition payment exempted from Keio for the 7th and 8th semesters) At the end of the 8th semester
Bocconi Univeristy First year (7-8 semesters): Keio
Second year (9-10 semesters): partner institution
University of Cologne
Brandeis Univeristy Brandeis University