Students who wish to study at a university abroad while enrolled at Keio University can take advantage of the following programs: 'Exchange Student Programs', 'Study Abroad Scholarship Programs', 'Privately Funded Study Abroad Programs'


Exchange Student Program

Exchange student programs are conducted based on agreements between Keio University and its partner universities.

Designed to actively promote exchange, these programs offer students from Keio University and its partner universities the opportunity to experience campus life abroad for a year and aim to cultivate an international spirit and perspective among participants.

To the extent allowed by university regulations, credits earned abroad throughout the exchange program can be transferred with the approval from relevant faculty members, the Graduate School Faculty Board or the Graduate School Committee. Keio students that participate in exchange programs pay tuition fees to Keio University but are exempt from tuition at the host university. Depending on the program, the host university also may provide meals and dormitories for students.

Students who wish to apply for the exchange program must carefully read the application guidelines for Exchange Programs (as applicable to the relevant academic year) and submit all required documents to the International Center within the designated time period.

Study Abroad Scholarship Programs

Study abroad scholarship programs are based on scholarships that are sponsored by foreign governments, universities or certain public or private organizations deemed appropriate by Keio University due to their public focus.

Privately Funded Study Abroad Programs

These programs comprise programs other than the two outlined above.

Study Abroad and Temporary Leave of Absence

  • Students who wish to study abroad while enrolled at Keio University can fall into two distinct categories, namely 'study abroad' or 'temporary leave of absence'.
  •  Credit transfer and advancement to the following year are handled differently depending on the Faculty or Graduate School a student belongs to. It is therefore very important that students consult with a staff member at the respective Academic Affairs Office of their campus.