Graduate School of Media and Governance

[For Graduating Students in March 2019] How to submit Master's Thesis


Master’s Thesis Deadline: by 3:00 p.m. , January 11, 2019
Submission method: on SFC-SFS
For details on how to submit master's thesis, please refer to here.

[Documents to submit]
・Master's thesis :Please prepare a file in PDF format. (PDF/A is recommeded)
*The title of the master's thesis, abstract and title page must be exactly identical to the one written on the form submitted to the Academic Affaris Office, including punctuation, and use of upper and lower case.
*The forms are available to download at
Application Forms Regarding Graduate Program.
*"Permission for the Ewproduction and Public Transmission of Master's Thesis Form" is announced in the inform of Final Examination.
*It's not necessary to submit "Master's Thesis Submission Form".

【Instructions on How to Prepare the Master’s Thesis】
Please confirm from 【Thesis Submisison】 of SFC-SFS.
(Login to SFC-SFS→Click "GLAD" tab→Click "Thesis Submission" menu)