Graduate School of Media and Governance

Transferable Credits Earned Before Entering the Master's Program

Graduate students who have already completed "Program Courses" (Excluding "Program Courses - Heisetsu") ("Research Area Courses" for credits earned before academic year 2007) of the Graduate School of Media and Governance with grade A and B in their undergraduate years either at the Faculty of Policy Management or at the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies (at the Faculty of Environmental Information before academic year 2007) can apply for the transfer of credits after entering the Master's course so that such credits are certified as credits required for the completion of the Master's program (including non-degree students with credits who have completed courses mentioned above). Up to eight transferred credits can be counted towards the total required credits for the completion of the Masters' course.

Please note that completed courses that have already been counted as required credits for graduation will not be certified as transferable credits.