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Fieldwork-related Subjects Registration (for Undergraduate Students)

Students will be allowed to register for Fieldwork-related Courses, such as "Field Research 1/2" after conducting research (fieldwork) or working in the companies (internship) during the spring or summer breaks within or outside Japan. Both activities must be related to individual research themes. Students who wish to take such courses must carefully read the guidelines below and submit necessary documents during the submission period in order to obtain approval before they begin fieldwork research or internship. Students are not permitted to register for any Fieldwork-related Courses when they conducted fieldwork research or internship during semester.

Students who will conduct overseas activities such as fieldwork, internships, etc., for fieldwork-related courses are required to undertake a comprehensive assessment of measures for safety in relation to public security in the relevant overseas country/region.
Criteria for Conducting Overseas Fieldwork and Internships

It is mandatory for all students participating in courses held overseas (Study Abroad Courses in Language Communication Courses / Special Research Projects / Fieldwork Research, etc.) to enroll in Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd.’s Overseas Students Safety Management Assistance service and a comprehensive overseas travel insurance policy which meets the requirements set by Keio University. 
Check the website below, and carry out those procedures.

1. After completing fieldwork in SPRING break, register as one of SPRING semester subjects

(Apr. 8, 2019 updated)

(1) Submission of Plan Sheet for Fieldwork-related Subjects(Fieldwork 1/2)

No additional information at the present moment. (To be revised in Oct, 2019)

(2) Submission of Reports

Submission period: Jun. 3 Mon. to Jun. 7 Fri., 2019
Submission place: CDP Office, 1st floor, Alpha Bldg.
-4,000 words in English or 10,000 letters in Japanese using A4 size paper
-Submit two copies
-Only students who undertook internship activity: Submit Internship Evaluation Sheet (” 活動評価書” in Japanese) together with the report.

2. After completing fieldwork in SUMMER break, register as one of FALL semester subjects

(May 6, 2019 updated)

(1) Submission of Plan Sheet for Fieldwork-related Subjects

Submission period: Jun. 24 Mon. To 28 Fri., 2019, from 9:15 to 16:50 each day
Submission place:  CDP Office , 1st floor, Alpha Bldg.
 -Use prescribed forms. (See below.)
 -Those who didn’t submit Plan Sheet, who are not permitted his/her Plan Sheet by advisor, or who apply AFTER his/her fieldwork activities are not allowed to register fieldwork-related subjects.

(2) Submission of Reports

No additional information at the present moment. (To be revised in Sep, 2019)

Fieldwork-related Courses

- Field Research 1 / 2

Guidelines and forms