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Updated on September 8

Changing the procedure for Automatic Screening (Lottery) for Fall Semester, 2017

From the fall semester of 2017, the screening method of Automatic Screening (Lottery) is going to change: "Course Preferences (Degree of desire to take a course)" and "Permission to take a maximum". Besides, we are going to change the procedure for the pre-registration on SFC - SFS*, so be sure to check the following contents.

*How to Entry >  6. Set "Course Preferences"  (Degree of desire to take a course) (Screening by lottary)

The procedure and schedule of screening students

The procedure for pre-registration screening will be changed from the Academic Year 2017. The deadline to apply for screening and the date that applicants are selected will no longer be different based on the day of the week that each course is held, but will be the same for all courses in the Fall semester.

How to Apply for Screening

Log into SFC-SFS and apply for screenings on the Student Selection Entry Screen.
Beginning of Application 1 p.m., Tuesday, September 12, 2017
 (For the Freshman enrolling September 2017: 3 p.m., Wednesday, September 13, 2017)
The deadline for Application 5 p.m., Tuesday, September 19, 2017
(for all courses in the Fall semester)
Screening result announcement 5 p.m., Thursday, September 21, 2017
(for all courses in the Fall semester)
Result will be announced on the "Sel.Result" screen on SFC-SFS.
Screening Type
  • Automatic screening (Lottery)
  • Pre-registration screening by submitting an assignment
    • Submitting a designated file
    • Submitting text
Screening Information for each course Confirm with syllabus of each course


  • Please read the instruction relating to student selection entry on the "Student Selection Entry" screen.
  • You MUST register all courses you take during Course registration period via Academic Affairs Web System.
  • Courses cannot be added or deleted, for whatever reasos, after the course registration.

How to Entry


1.Log into SFC-SFS and access the "Pre-Registration Entry" screen

(a) Access SFC-SFS and Log into the system with your CNS account.
(b) Click on the [Pre.Reg-Entry] button.

2.Read the instruction in the "HOW TO ENTRY" section

3.Add Classes to "MY-Timetable (tentative)" in the "Student Selection Entry" screen

(a) Click on <ADD> in the timetable.

(b) Choose a course from the list and click on <ADD>

(c) The course have chosen is added to MY-Timetable (tentative). You can add courses to MY-Timetable as much as you like, but you can apply for screening to only one course per one period.  (except for the courses offered in half of semester)

4. Submit Assingment (Screening by submitted assignment)

(a) Scroll to the "Entry for Screening" section below the "MY-TIMETABLE" section
(b) Click on the "Submit" button (Screening by submitted assignment)

(c) Accepting format of assignment are "Upload File" and/or "Input Text".  You have to submit by designated format. You can submit/update assignment whenever before the deadline. Only the last submission will be reviewed for selection. 

5. Click the "Entry" button 

(a) Click on the "Entry" button.  (Screening by submitted assignment: confirm that your assingment is submitted ) 
   Clicking on the "Apply" botton is required for not only for courses with screening by submitted assignment but also by lottary.

(b) Entry is completed. Confirm color of the whole column is light grey. You can add courses to MY-Timetable as much as you like, but you can submit a selection entry to only one course in one period.  (except for courses offered in half of semester)

6. Set "Course Preferences" (Degree of desire to take a course)   (Screening by lottary)      For more details.

(a) After click on the "Entry" button, "Change Preferences" botton appears for the courses with screening by lottary and you can change the "weight".
   *Initial value "1" (weakest) will be set as a weight.

(b) In "Change Course Preferences" window, you can adjust the value for all the applying courses which are courses with screening by lottaly  at once. Please adjust the values for the courses that reflect your will, then "Update".

7. View the Result

(a) Click [Sel.Result] on the top of the page of the COURSE tab.

(b) After the result is registered, you can confirm it in the "Result" column. * You have to register the course to the "MY-Timetable (tentative)" to view the result.

8. Course Registration via Academic Affairs Web System

You MUST register all courses you take during Course registration period via Academic Affairs Web System.

  • The Academic Affairs Web System can be accessed directly after logging into SFC-SFS. 
  • Course Registration Period for the Fall Semester 2017
    1:00 p.m., Tuesday, September 26 – 10:00 a.m.,Friday, September 29

For Students in Other Faculties

In the faculty of Policy Management and the faculty of Environment and Information Studies, some courses restrict the number of students in a class. Students of SFC apply for screening on SFC-SFS (a kind of lesson support system), however, you cannot log into SFC-SFS and apply for screening because you don’t have a network account. You can apply it at Shonan Fujisawa ITC, but if you have it, you cannot log into SFC-SFS after the course registration period.

So, if you desire to register courses which restrict the number of students, please confirm the screening information in the syllabi (you can view in the campus-wide network) in advance and contact the faculty member in the syllabi.