Faculty of Policy Management / Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

【PM,EI】SFC BYOD (Bring your own Devices / Laptop Specification)

Since the founding of Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) in 1990, we have been offering many academic courses that leverage computers, in both Faculty of Policy Management and Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, as well as in Graduate School of Media and Governance. Many students at SFC are indeed utilizing their own personal laptops to write academic reports, to take notes, to produce art works, and to analyze data. Up until this point at SFC, we have computers installed in the special classrooms; however, as of the spring semester of 2020, we will be removing the computers from the special classrooms located in the building κ、ε、ι、and ο, and will be promoting the great shift towards SFC BYOD (Bring your own devices), where students are required to use their own personal laptops for the purposes of their studies. Newly enrolled students are now asked to prepare their own personal laptops before the school guidance week.

Through this shift, we will be nurturing the ability of the students to fully handle their own laptops as their "electronic stationery devices." It will encourage them to improve their informational science skills as well as their information literacy, while the university keeps establishing state-of-the-art information environment. That being said, there will still be computers available for student use in the special classrooms located in λ and at the Media Center.

Target students

Students who will be enrolled or are currently enrolled in the Faculty of Policy Management and those in Faculty of Environment and Information Studies in the 2020 school year.

Recommended laptop specifications

The recommended laptop specifications are as follows. For the students who will be enrolling at SFC in the 2020 school year, please prepare the specified laptops before the enrollment; however, if you already have one that meets these specifications, there is no need to purchase a new device. Students currently enrolled at SFC who feel that their current computer specifications are not up to par for their studies or research are also encouraged to purchase a new one.
  • Display
    Resolution WXGA+(1440×900)
  • Keyboard
    Standardized keyboard that allows for touch typing
  • Battery
    Standard Battery life of 3 hrs+
  • Wireless LAN(Wi-Fi)
    IEEE802.11a/ac/n (5GHz Band)
  • Main memory
    8GB (minimum), 16+GB recommended
  • Internal Disk(HDD/SSD)
    256GB minimum
  • CPU
    Intel Core i5 and above(minimum), Intel Core i7 recommended
  • External Output
    Has an HDMI port, or can be connected to an HDMI adapter
  • OS
    macOS 10.13(High Sierra) or higher / Windows10 or higher
  • Others
    If the power cable cannot be connected to a narrow outlet, an extension cable is recommended.


The pieces of software that are freely available to the SFC students include the followings. These are contracted by the university, and can be installed on the students' personal laptops.
 Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus
   ArcGIS, etc.
For more information, please refer to the Shonan Fujisawa ITC's web page. When installing a piece of the aforementioned software on your personal laptop, please carefully read and check the usage qualifications and procedures in order to avoid unauthorized use.

Network and Services

The personal laptops can be connected to the SFC campus network (CNS) via Wifi. For the purposes of classes or group works, Dropbox (unlimited storage) is also available. 


  • Before enrollment
           Shonan Fujisawa Campus Admissions Office (ao-request@sfc.keio.ac.jp)
  • After enrollment:
     Media Center 1F CNS Service Counter