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About Perspective

The "Perspectives" system has been in place since the Academic Year 2017 as a means to advance interdisciplinary learning. Its purpose is to expand students' academic knowledge and research beyond the specific issue or field, which they delve deeply into in a seminar. 

Details on each Perspective

Details on each Perspective can be found at the websites below (summary, faculty members and contact addresses, certificate requirements, course groups, and list of the courses).

(1) Evidence Based Approach Perspective (EBA) 

(2) Helth Science Perspective (HS)

(3) Student Build Campus Perspective (SBC) 

How to Register

Login to SFC-SFS → [PLAN]→[Perspective]→Click on the each [Register] button.

Issuance of Certificate of Perspective Completion

Students who registered for each Perspective will be awarded a Certificate of Perspective Comlpletion upon completion of the set requirements. Credits from dsignated courses earned before registering for a Perspective may be included toward the requirements for completion.

Example: If you registererd for a Perspective course in the Spring Semester of Academic Year 2017, you may include credits from designated courses earned before the end of the Fall Semester of Academic Year 2016 toward the requirements for completion.

Students who fulfilled all requirements must contact each perspective committee to receive the certificate via e-mail.