Scholarship programs provide assistance to students who have difficulties in pursuing their studies for financial reasons, or those who demonstrate particular excellence in their studies.

Through the award of grants or loans, the scholarships help to foster an environment in which students can fully devote themselves to their studies, so that undergraduates may  develop into successful professionals with an active role in society, and graduates may acquire a high level of expertise to enable them to contribute to society.

The application procedure for the scholarships available at KeioUniversity differs for Japanese and international students.

Information for students whose nationality is other than Japanese, and status of residence is【留学】(Student)

 Keio International Center website

 Information for students whose nationality is Japanese
 (including students who have dual nationality), and status of residence is
【永住者】(Permanent Resident) or【日本人の配偶者など】(Spouse or Child of Japanese National) etc.
If students wish to apply for any of the scholarships, they are required to conduct all the application procedures in Japanese, which includes reading and understanding of the materials, filling in the application forms and conducting interviews

Student’s homepage for Keio University, SFC  Scholarship Information   [Japanese]

Keio University Scholarship Information Guidebook
The “Keio University Scholarship Information Guidebook” is for students of Japanese nationality and of other nationalities whose status of residence is “permanent resident,” “special permanent resident,” “long-term resident,” or “dependent.”  It is the English supplement to the Japanese version of the 慶應義塾大学奨学金案内.