Housing Information

Since there is currently no on-campus housing available at SFC, many of the SFC international students live in apartments or privately-owned student dormitories/halls located near the campus. It is possible to apply to live in Keio University dormitories, but they are all located more than an hour away from SFC.

How to find housing near SFC

If you want to live near SFC, you will need to find an apartment or a privately-owned student dormitory/hall on your own.

It is highly recommended to start searching housing information and contacting realtors or companies that own student dormitories/halls before coming to Japan.

Finding an apartment

There are several English-speaking realtors near Shonandai Station as listed below. Some of their websites are available only in Japanese, but they have staff members who will be able to assist you in English.

If you want to obtain apartment information from the realtors listed below, please fill in the "Request Form for Housing Referral" below, and send it to the SFC Student Life Section via email. SFC Student Life Section will forward the request form to all of the realtors below, and you will be contacted by a realtors if there are apartments that satisfy your specifications. Alternatively, you may also contact a realtor directly.

SFC Student Life Section: sl(*)sfc.keio.ac.jp
                                                please replace (*) with @ to send an email

List of realtors located near Shonandai Station


Please note that  when students seek private housing in Japan, they will usually be required to have a “guarantor.” It becomes the guarantor's responsibility to pay the rent on behalf of the tenant if they become unable to do so. Usually students are also required to pay a rental deposit, key money and a real estate commission. This means, essentially, that students need to prepare at least 6 months rent in advance to be able to move in.

If you do not have any acquaintances (relateves, friends)
to ask for your housing guarantor,
Keio University can be your guarantor instead.

Please refer to the following website for more information.

Contents of the system called "Comprehensive Rentor's Insurance"

How to subscribe to the Comprehensive Rentor's Insurance

Finding student dormitories/halls

If you want to live in a student dormitory/hall near SFC (Shonandai, Chogo, Totsuka, Kozashibuya, Sagamiono, etc.), please contact Kyoritsu Maintenance below for housing information.
Below is also information on student domitory/hall open to international students.

Living in Keio University dormitories

Please refer to the International Center website below for information on applying to the Keio University dormitories. Since the number of available rooms in the University dormitories is limited, all applicants may not be accomodated. Also, please note that all the University dormitories are more than an hour away from SFC.