Internal Scholarships (Scholarships Offered by Keio University)

Scholarships offered by Keio University are all benefit-type with no obligation of repayment. The duration for most internal scholarships is one year, but being able to apply every year means that more students have the chance to become recipients.

Only current students can view the scholarship outlines and application guidelines (Keio ID authentication required).

In addition to the scholarships below, there are other scholarships offered by specific campuses. Inquire at the scholarship section on your campus for more details.
Private Organizations and Local Government Scholarships → Click here

AY 2018 Internal Scholarships: Outlines and Application Guidelines

Partial List of Internal Scholarships Available in AY 2019

The table below is a list of some of the internal scholarships available in the 2019 academic year.

Scholarship Eligible Students Annual Amount (Tentative) No. of Recipients
Keio University Scholarship Undergraduate (incl. privately financed international students) 500,000 yen Around 310
Keio University Graduate School Scholarship Graduate (incl. privately financed international students) 500,000 or 600,000  yen depending on the graduate school Around 220
Keio University Degree Completion Scholarship Undergraduate and graduate (incl. privately financed international students) Within the amount of the tuition fee Around 110
Keio Gijuku Iji-kai Scholarship Undergraduate 500,000 or 800,000 yen depending on the faculty Around 120
Keio University 150th Anniversary Commemorative Scholarship for Study Abroad (Three times a year) Undergraduate 100,000 yen /
200,000 yen /
300,000 yen
Around 65
Keio University Emergency Scholarship for Victims of Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Undergraduate and graduate Within the amount of the tuition fee  
Donor designated scholarships 29 types (See separate page 137 or more
Scholarships offered by specific campuses (Inquire at each campus)