Certificates that Cannot Be Issued from Certificate Issuing Machines

The following certificates cannot be issued from the certificate issuing machines but must be applied for at the designated Academic Affairs Office.
Issuance of some certificates may require several days.
The certificates listed below can only be issued from a student's affiliated campus.
Please note that a valid student ID card is required upon receipt of certificates.

  • Student Commuter Certificate (Free: Applicable to commuter passes for routes that cannot be purchased with a student ID card or for commuter passes for buses or subways)
  • Certificate issued in a sealed envelope (Japanese/English)
  • Certificate of Course Registration (English)
  • Certificate Attesting Pending Approval of Doctoral Degree (Japanese/English)
  • Certificate Attesting Expected Withdrawal from Doctoral Program upon Completion of Course Requirements (Japanese/English)
  •  Certificate Attesting Completion of Course Requirements for National Bar Examination (Japanese)
  • Certificate Attesting Completion of Course Requirements for Various Qualifying Examinations (Japanese)
  • Certificate on a third party-specific form (request form)
  • Various certificates pertaining to non-degree students (with credit), non-degree students (without credit) and research students
  • Certificate of Annual Health Examination (English):Issued by the Keio University Health Centers (Wellness Center for Shonan Fujisawa Campus).(For more information, please contact one of the Health Centers or the Wellness Center.)
  • In cases that the certificate issuing machine can not issue an English certificate, Please see the ‘Office Guide’ page below.
  • Various certificates pertaining to teacher training(For students at Mita Campus, please contact the office at the Teacher Training Center.)