Purchasing a Student Commuter Pass for Commutes to Other Campuses

For Students Affiliated to Mita, Hiyoshi, Yagami, SFC, and Shiba-Kyoritsu Campuses (AY 2019)

Students can purchase a student commuter pass to travel to a campus they are not affiliated to in order to take courses.
The student commuter certificate required to purchase a student commuter pass can be obtained by carrying out the procedures below.

  1. Please apply using the online form (available from 9:00 on Wednesday, April 17):

  2. Duration of Application Process
    Application Periods Issue Dates
    Wednesday, April 17 to Wednesday, April 24 Friday, April 26 onward
    Thursday, April 25 to Wednesday, May 8 Friday, May 10 onward
    Thursday, May 9 onward Student commuter certificates for applications received by no later than Wednesday each week will be issued from the following Friday.
  3. Please visit the Office of Student Services on the campus to which you belong with your student ID card from the issue date onward. The student commuter certificate will be issued after confirmation of your registered courses.
    Please note that a student commuter certificate can only be issued during the periods listed below.

    Issuing Periods
    Spring Semester: Friday, April 26 to Tuesday, July 3
    Fall Semester: Friday, September 13 to Friday, December 27

    • Please note that student commuter passes can only be issued for a single route, from your home address to the specified campus.
    • The student commuter pass will be issued for the least expensive route from the nearest station to your home to the station nearest the campus you will be commuting to.
    • If your current address is different from the one registered with the university, please log in to keio.jp and change your address on the Academic Affairs Web System.