Yagami Campus Student Schedule (Academic Calendar)

Yagami Campus Student Schedule (Academic Calendar)

Academic Year 2009

Academic Year 2009: Spring Semester

Faculty of Science and Technology
Entrance Ceremony(Undergraduate Students)
Friday, 3 April 2009
Entrance Ceremony(Graduate Students)
Tue, 7 April
Orientations (Undergraduate Students)
Wed, 1 April to Tue, 7 April
Orientations (Graduate Students)
Sat, 4 April to Tue, 7 April
Spring Semester (Classes Start)
Wed, 8 April
Online Course-registration
Fri, 10 April, 16:00 to Thu, 16 April, 10:00
Keio Foundation Day (School Holiday)
Thu, 23 April
Health Examination
Mid to late April
Waseda-Keio Baseball Games
Sat, 30 May
Sun, 31 May
Spring Semester
Makeup Classes
Fri, 10 July
Spring Semester-end Examinations
Thu, 16 July to Mon, 27 July
Summer Break Period
Tue, 28 July to Wed, 23 September
Spring Semester-end Makeup Examinations
Tue, 4 August to Wed, 5 August
September Commencement Ceremony (Graduate Students)
Fri, 18 September

Academic Year 2009: Fall Semester

Faculty of Science and Technology
September Entrance Ceremony (Graduate Students)
Thu, 24 September
Orientations (Graduate Students)
Thu, 24 September
Fall Semester (Classes Start)
Fri, 25 September
Online Course-registration
Wed, 30 September, 10:00 to Fri, 2 October, 13:00
Yagami Festival
Sat, 10 October
Sun, 11 October
Waseda-Keio Baseball Games
Sat, 31 October
Sun, 1 November
Fall Semester Makeup Classes (1)
Wednesday Morning, 18 November (The Graduate School of Science and Technology generally has classes all day.)
No classes due to Mita Festival
Festival Preparation: Wed, 18 November, 13:00 to Thu, 19 November
Yagami Festival: Fri, 20 November to Mon, 23 November
Cleanup: Tue, 24 November
[Classes at the Graduate School of Science and Technology are canceled from Friday, 20 November to Monday, 23 November.]
Winter Break Period
Wed, 23 December to Tue, 5 January 2010
Start of Classes
Wed, 6 January
Founder's Birthday (School Holiday)
Sun, 10 January
Makeup Classes for Fall Semester Monday Holidays
Fri, 15 January
Fall Semester Makeup Classes (2)
Wed, 20 January
Fall Semester-end Examinations
Thu, 21 January to Wed, 3 February
Entrance Examinations for New Applicants
Fall Semester-end Makeup Examinations (Tentative)
Early February
Commencement Ceremony (Undergraduate Students)
Tue, 23 March
Commencement Ceremony (Graduate Students)
Mon, 29 March

Note 1:
Orientation and makeup class schedules are determined separately by the faculties and graduate schools.

Note 2:
The 2010 Entrance Ceremony for undergraduate students will be held on Friday, 2 April.
* The original date (Thursday, April 1) was changed to Friday, April 2 (change made on 25 September 2009).