Master's Thesis Assignment for Students Graduating in March 2019

All students enrolling in the master’s program at the Graduate School of Science and Technology are required to submit a master’s thesis at the end of the program. This is the final assignment of "Graduate Research 1" and with the approval and presentation of it, the successful candidate will be awarded a master’s degree.

Students who are expected to complete the master's program in March 2019 must submit his/her thesis and other required documents by the deadline. Please see below for the outline of the master’s thesis assignment.
Inquiries regarding data entry will be accepted at the Office of Academic Services (1st Floor, #25 build.).

Master's Thesis Title Submission

From Friday, November 2 at 17:00 to Monday, November 26, 2018 at 16:00
* log into "" - "Keio University Class  Support" - click "Master's Thesis Title"

  • Make sure not to insert line feeds or enter unncessary spaces in the Master's Thesis Title field. 

Master's Thesis Submisson : Paper Version

  • "Thesis Copyright Agreement Approval Form"  must be submitted together with your thesis. (Your advisor's signature is required.)
  • Each thesis must be arranged in the following order in an A4-size paper folder. Please also see "the Sample Format" below. 
Spine : stick on the folder's spine 
Front cover: stick on the folder
[Title Page]: file in the folder - [Abstract]: about 400words - [Table of contents] - [Text]

Date : Tuesday, February 5, 2019 from 9:00 to 16:00 (except 11:30–13:00) 
Place: "14-313" and "14-314"

For students whose advisor belongs to the following Centers:
 - Mathematics
 - Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics
 - Multidisciplinary and Design Science 
 - Science of Environment and Energy
 - Applied and Computational Mechanics
 - Information and Computer Science
   - Open System and Management
The date and place for submission will be different from above. Please follow your research advisor’s instructions.
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Deadline for Revising the Thesis Title

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 9:00am
* log into "" - "Keio University Class  Support" - click "Master's Thesis Title"

  • The link to "Master's Thesis Title" will be unavailable after the deadline, November 26, but will be available in early January.
  • Please ask your research advisor to approve your thesis title by February 12.
  • You can revise the title any number of times before February 12. If your research advisor has already approved your thesis title, ask him/her to change it to “Non-approved”. Then after you have revised the data, be sure to contact your research advisor to approve your thesis title again.

Master's Thesis Submisson: PDF version

From Mid February to Thursday, February 28, 2019 at 16:00
 * log into "" - "Keio University Class Support" - click "PDF version Master's Thesis and Abstract"

  • The PDF version will be archived by the Media Center. Please make sure that you submit the final version of your thesis.
  • The thesis title must be EXACTLY identical with the one you declared in the title online.
  • Thesis in a pdf format must be arranged in order of "Title Page", "Abstract" and "Text". 
  • Abstract in a pdf format muct be arranged in order of "Title Page" and "Abstract".
  • Please note that your thesis will not be published in the following cases even you grant permisson for publishing
-when the "Title Page" is missing
-when the file is corrupted, or
-when the characters are garbled.
  • Whether your thesis will be published or not is determined by the permission you granted in "Master's Thesis Copyright Agreement Approval Form".


Sample Format for Master’s Thesis

Master’s Thesis Copyright Agreement and Electronic Data


Questionnaire for Second-year Master’s Students

Questionnaire for Second-year Master’s Students:

Please read the questions carefully and answer according to the instructions.
The questionnaire will be available from Monday, December 3 to Sunday, March 31, 2019.

Notification of Plans After Graduation

All students who will graduate in this September are required to report any finalized plans you may have after completion.
Continuing studies or applying for qualifying examinations must also be reported.

Please send back the "Notification of Plans After Graduation(Shinro-todoke)" by e-mail to the address below or hand in this form to our office of Career Services. (1st Floor, Building 25).
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Career Services section.

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Thank you for your cooperation.