1.Logging in

i) Access via keio.jp
Log into keio.jp and click on the "Web Entry System" button.

ii) Access directly
Open the link below and click on "Log in" under the "Web Entry System" section to access the system directly.

2.Entry Registration

2-1 Select the category that you wish to register for

Choose the desired category from the drop-down menu and click "New Entry/Modification."

2-2 Select your desired courses

Choose your desired course from the drop-down menu and click the "Register" button.

2-3 Confirm and register your information

Check your information for any errors and click the "Register" button.
Press the "Back" button to make changes.

2-4 Complete your entry registration

A dialog box containing the message "Your entry has been successfully registered." should appear to indicate completion of registration once your entry has been processed.
Once your registration is complete, please make sure to confirm your information one more time from 3. Entry Confirmation.

■If you wish to make changes to your registration entry:
You may make as many changes as needed to your information before the registration deadline.
Follow steps 2-1 onwards to make changes to your entry.

3. Entry Confirmation

You can access your current registration information by clicking on "Entry Confirmation" from the page displayed directly after logging in. Please print a copy and keep it for your records. A print preview will be displayed upon pressing the "Print" button.

Categories will no longer be displayed once the entry registration deadline has passed.
The results of lotteries for limited-enrollment classes may be displayed after the deadline. For details, please refer to the guidelines of your faculty or graduate school.

4.Entry Cancellation

4-1 Select categories to cancel

Select the category you wish to cancel from the drop-down list and click "Entry Cancellation."

*Cancellations cannot be made to categories after their deadline has passed.

4-2 Confirm cancellation

Check the information you wish to cancel and click the "Cancel" button.

4-3 Cancellation complete

A dialog box containing the message "Your entry has been successfully canceled." should appear to indicate completion of cancellation once your request has been processed.

In the event you wish to register again, please repeat steps 2.1-2.4.