1. I have forgotten my password. How should I reset it?

2. What do I do when an error appears and I cannot log-in?

3. Why is the text on my screen corrupted?

  Non-standard characters, meaning characters not defined in official standards such as JIS, may become corrupted. This frequently occurs with names of professors, so please check the details on the timetable.

4. I mistakenly clicked my browser’s forward or back button

  Please reload the current page. In addition, the page may display “Access Error” or the screen may go completely blank. If this happens, close your browser, wait 10 seconds before restarting your browser, and try to access the system again. If this happens while you are in the process of your online registration, your data may have not been saved properly. Please be sure to check your registration status.

5. What do I do when the screen freezes or goes blank?

  If this happens, you need to close your browser and wait 10 seconds before opening your browser and trying again.

6. Why doesn’t the course I want to study appear in the Select Course (Timetable) screen?

  Please check whether the Offered by, Year, and Day are correctly set for the course you want to register for.
  In addition, the timetable or other details may have changed, so please check the bulletin boards for the latest information. Course registration numbers do not normally change, so if you select a course by its registration number, you will be able to check its current status.
*Please be aware that NOT all the information for courses including semester-long intensive courses and courses that run over multiple class periods will be displayed.

7. How can I enter more than 30 courses on the Course Selection page (when selecting a course via registration number)?

  While the number of courses you can select in one go is 30, if you click on the Display Courses button and then click on Add Selected Course to My List you can repeat the procedure to add more courses from the Main Registration Page.

8. What do the messages in the “Status” and “Errors” columns mean?

9. I used a hardcopy form to register, but can I make changes to my course registration online?

  If you applied for your courses using the hardcopy application form, you cannot make changes online.

  If you are unsure about any points, please contact us through the Academic Affairs Web System contact page.