Semester-end Makeup Examinations

AY 2019 Spring Semester-end Makeup Examinations (For PEARL Students)

Makeup Examinations

These examinations are held for students who, due to unavoidable reasons such as illness or unexpected accidents, were unable to take the semester-end examinations. Applicable courses include all of the courses that were examined during the semester-end examinations period (however, this excludes foreign language courses). In order to take a makeup examination, it is necessary for students to complete the prescribed procedures at the Hiyoshi Office of Student Services. The instructions for these procedures will be posted on the respective faculty bulletin boards when the examinations timetable is announced. Please be aware that a medical certificate will be required in cases when students miss the semester-end examinations due to illness, and a delay certificate in cases of delayed trains. If there is anything you are unclear about the makeup examinations, please consult with the staff in charge of your faculty at the Hiyoshi Office of Student Services.

 *Under no circumstances will a second makeup examination be held regardless of the reason. Students should take into account the possibility of train delays when commuting to the university and leave home with plenty of time.
   *The makeup examinations timetable will be viewed using the links below. Please check the upper link for PEARL courses instructed in English. If you have also registered for courses instructed in Japanese, please check the lower link as well. 

 *Because additions or revisions may be made to either the timetable or the criteria for personal belongings during examinations, please be sure to regularly check the bulletin boards.


Makeup Examination Applications
 Period  : July 10 (Wed)- August 5 (Mon) 11:30

 Time      : Weekdays 8:45-16:45 (excluding weekends)
       Applications will only be accepted until 11:30 on the final day.
 Location : The faculty counters at the Hiyoshi Office of Student Services

Announcement of Makeup Examination Timetable
 Date and Time : August 7 (Wed) 18:00  
 Location        :  Semester-end Makeup Examinations Webpage
                                At the bullentin board of class cancellations

◆Makeup Examinations Period
 Period     : August 9 (Fri), 10 (Sat), 13 (Tue)
 Location : Classroom DB112 or DB113

Application Procedures

 1. Applicable Courses
All courses examined during the Spring Semester-end Examinations period (excluding foreign language courses)
 2. Application Criteria
Students who, due to unavoidable reasons such as illness and unexpected accidents, were unable to take the semester-end examinations.
 3. Procedures
Because the application procedures differ among faculties, please be sure to check your faculty bulletin boards and semester-end examination web page.
 If students enrolled at campuses other than Hiyoshi want to take a makeup examination for a Hiyoshi Campus course, they must apply at the corresponding counter of the Hiyoshi Office of Student Services. However, the final decision on whether students will be allowed to take a makeup examination will be made by their faculty.
                          ⇒Faculty of Economics (PEARL)

  • If students wishing to take a makeup examination are unable to apply in person, they must ask someone to complete the prescribed procedures on their behalf within the designated application period.
  • Once the application period has concluded, no further applications will be accepted whatever the reason.
  • In order to apply for a makeup examination due to illness, students will need a medical certificate that has been issued by a medical institution and carefully sealed in an envelope with "a sealing mark."
  •  Applications for a makeup examination resulting from a transportation delay will, in principle, only be accepted on the day of the examination.

 4. Examination Fee
   ¥2,000 per course

Precautions for Makeup Examinations

  • Because new information concerning changes to the examinations timetable, criteria for items permitted in each examination, and examination period, etc., will be updated as necessary, students should regularly check the semester-end makeup examination web page.
  • No items other than student ID cards, writing utensils, and approved personal belongings should be placed on the desk during examinations. All non-approved items must be put into bags, etc., and placed under the desk by the student’s feet. Writing utensils are to be taken out of pencil-cases or pen-boxes, which must also be put away. Students should also make sure that there is nothing inside of the desk they have been allocated.
  • Students are not permitted to use computers, electronic dictionaries, or any other devices with communication capabilities (smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc.). Students must completely switch off these devices and put them away into their bags. Use of these devices as clocks is not permitted. Students are not allowed to touch these devices until the examination has finished and they have received permission to vacate the room. If students touch any of these devices, even if not actually used, they will be deemed as having committed an act of academic misconduct.
  • The use of writing mats is prohibited. Please notify a proctor if there are scratches on the surface of the desk or any other defaults making it difficult for you to write your answers.
  • To ensure that no one commits acts of academic misconduct, or any acts that may be mistakenly construed as misconduct, students should approach examinations with an appropriate attitude and mindset. All acts of academic misconduct will be severely punished.
  • Seating is allocated by course. Students should sit at the desk stated on the seating tables displayed on the board in front of the examination venues.
  • In certain cases, students who do not have their Makeup Examination Slip (For Students) will not be permitted to take the makeup examination.
  • Students must bring their student ID cards with them to the examination venue. Under no circumstances will students without either a student ID card or a temporary ID card be permitted to take makeup examinations. If students do not have their student ID cards with them on the day of the examination, they must obtain a temporary ID card issued at the Information Desk of the Hiyoshi Office of the Student Services. Students will be charged ¥500 to issue a temporary ID card.
  • The examination proctors will go around and check the student ID cards of examinees each time period. Please remove your student ID card or temporary ID card from its case and place it face-up on the desk near the aisle so that the proctors are able to see your portrait photograph.
  • The attendance of examinees will be taken each time period. An attendance sheet (allocated according to course) will be handed around to all students, starting from the front row. Please fill out your details and pass it to the person seated behind you.
  • Students who do not submit their answer sheets or any other materials that they have been instructed to hand in will be deemed as having committed an act of academic misconduct. Please ensure that these items are handed over when the proctors come around to collect them. Students must also make sure that they have filled in their full name and student ID number on the answer sheet. In principle, answer sheets without either of these details will not be graded.
  • In cases of late arrival, students will be permitted to enter the examination venue up to 20 minutes after Bell signaling start of exam. No extensions will be made to the finishing time of the examination. Students who arrive later than 20 minutes after Bell signaling start of exam will not be allowed to take the examination.
  • Students will not be permitted to leave the examination venue for the first 30 minutes after Bell signaling start of exam and the final 10 minutes before the end.
  • From period 2 onwards, students will not be able to enter the examination venue until the examination proctors from the previous time period have vacated the room.