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Inquiries About the Academic Affairs Web System

  Inquiries about the Academic Affairs Web System are to be made via e-mail to the faculty or graduate school you belong to, so please select the appropriate e-mail address from the list below.
  However, for questions concerning the web system, regardless of your faculty/graduate school, please e-mail us.
Please do not change the e-mail subject line.
Please make sure you include your faculty/graduate school, year, student ID number and name.
・Even if the content of your query concerns other campuses or faculties/graduate schools, please direct your e-mail to your own faculty or graduate school.
・Please refrain from asking questions that are not about the Academic Affairs Web System.
・Inquiries made after 5 p.m. may be answered on the next day or later.
・Please note that replies can only be sent to the e-mail address from which the inquiry originally arrived.

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