【総環 8/23締切】3.5年早期卒業制度候補者資格確認申請について/ [Deadline: Aug. 23] Application for Confirmation of Status of Eligibility to be a Candidate for the 3.5-year Early Graduation System




希望者は、SFC GUIDE 2019 vol.2 p.50~51を熟読した上で、以下のとおりSFC学事担当窓口に申請をしてください。

  • 申請受付期間:2019年7月1日(月)~ 8月23日(金)の窓口開室時間 ※8月9日(金)~16日(金)はキャンパス一斉休業のため閉室
  • 対象者:2017年度春学期に入学し、2019年度春学期に第3学年1学期目の学生
  • 申請書類:
    1. 3.5年早期卒業制度候補者資格確認申請書
    2. aまたはb



第 3 学年 1 学期修了時に、次の 4 つの要件をすべて満たさなければなりません。
  1. 母国語以外の外国語のひとつについて以下の表で示される外国語検定試験の基準を満たしていること。
  2.  96 単位以上(自由科目は含まない)を取得済みであり、当該学期までに取得したすべての単位(自由科目 を含まない)について、【★計算方法】により 3.10 以上であること。(2016 年度以前入学者は自由科目を含めて計算してもよい)
  3. 「研究会 A」または「研究会 B」を 2 学期以上履修し、かつ、「研究プロジェクト科目」について、【★計算方法】 により 3.30 以上であること。
  4. 当該学期までに卒プロメンターが指定するアスペクトの 1 つから 4 単位以上を取得していること。 ただし、1、2 の要件については、学会発表など、顕著な研究成果を挙げた場合は、要件を満たしていなくても申請が認められる場合があります。顕著な研究成果とは以下のいずれかとなります。
     A) 査読ありのジャーナル論文を執筆していること 
     B) 学術書の執筆者となっていること
     C) 認知されたコンテストで上位入賞をしていること

なお、休学・留学等の理由により入学後 3.5 年(7学期)で卒業できない場合、原則として候補者資格を喪失し、標準学則 の適用に戻ります。標準学則との差分に関しては、参加者個々人の状況に応じて別途指示します。


申請が認められ、3.5年早期卒業制度候補者となった場合、卒業要件については通常の要件に加えて要件が定められています。詳細については、SFC GUIDE 2019 Vol.2 p.50を参照してください。



※学事窓口開室日時はSFC GUIDEで確認してください

3.5-year Early Graduation System

3.5-year early graduation system is for students with superior achievements, such as outstanding academic grades, who have satisfied the requirements for graduation, may graduate after 3.5 years (7 semesters) of enrollment.
This system aims to support those who, for example, entered in September and will take up employment in April, or those who entered in April and will advance to graduate schools abroad.

Application Procedure

Students who would like to apply for 3.5-year early graduation system have to apply at the academic affairs office after reading SFC GUIDE 2019 Vol.2 page 49 - 50(English Version) and the following information thoroughly.

  • Application Period: Monday, July 1, 2019 - Friday, August 23, 2019 (Opening Hours Only) *The office is closed from August 9 to 16 due to the campus-wide summer break. 
  • Eligible Students: Students who entered in Spring 2017 and are in the first semester of their third year in the spring semester of Academic year 2019
  • Required Documents:
    1. Application for Confirmation of Status of Eligibility to be a Candidate for the 3.5-year Early Graduation System
    2. a or b
      a. Certificate to verify required proficiency in a foreign language (other than mother tongue), or document showing a score at an equivalent level. (Show original and submit a photocopy.)
      b. Documentation to verify achievement of outstanding research results. (Show original and submit a photocopy.)
Notification of results will be sent together with grades reports to the student's guarantor in the same semester application is made.

・Those in the Bachelor's-Master's Four-Year Integrated Education Program may not apply for the 3.5-Year Early Graduation System and 3.5-year Early Graduation System. Please contact the Academic Affairs Office if you quit the Bachelor's-Master's Four-Year Integrated Education Program.

Application Requirements

Students must satisfy all of the following requirements by the end of the first semester of their Third Year:

  1. The student has fulfilled the criteria of the foreign language proficiency examination indicated in the following table for one foreign language other than his/her first language.
  2. The student has earned at least 96 credits (excluding Optional Subjects credits); furthermore, a result of at least 3.10 is obtained when the ‘★Calculation Method’ is performed on all credits (excluding Optional Subjects credits) earned before the semester of application. (Optional Subjects credits may be included in the calculation for students who enrolled in Academic Year 2016 or before.)
  3. The student has registered ‘Seminar A’ or ‘Seminar B’ for at least two semesters, and furthermore, a result of at least 3.30 is obtained when the ‘★ Calculation Method’ is performed for ‘Research Seminars.’
  4. By the semester of application, the student has earned at least four credits from one of the Aspects designated by the Graduation Project mentor.
    However, a student who has made a presentation at an academic conference, etc., or achieved outstanding research results may be granted an exemption from the above requirements 1. and 2.
    The term ‘outstanding research results’ refers to one of the following:
    ・ Penning of a peer-reviewed journal paper
    ・Becoming an author of an academic book
    ・Being awarded high prizes in an officially recognized contest

If a student cannot graduate in 3.5 years after entering the University for reasons such as temporary leave of absence or study abroad, the student will be disqualified as a candidate for early graduation. The standard University Faculty Rules and Regulations will once again apply to these students, and individual instructions will be given on handling the differences between requirements of the Early Graduation System and standard University Faculty Rules and Regulations.

Graduation Requirments

Students using the 3.5-year Early Graduation System must satisfy, in addition to the application requirements, all of the requirements in order to graduate. For the details, please refer to the SFC GUIDE 2019 vol.2 p.49 - 50(English Version) .

Required Documents for Graduation

It is required for students using the 3.5-year Early Graduation System and expected to graduate in the spring semester 2019 to submit the documents as below;

Documents: One of followings is required.
a) The original and copy of foreign language proficiency examination certificate or document. The original will be immediately returned.
*You can find the requirement of language proficiency in "Language Proficiency and ‘★ Calculation Method’ " above.
b) The original and copy of the acceptance letter for the Keio University Graduate School. The original will be immediately returned.
*The scheduled time of entering the graduate school must be the semester following graduation from the undergraduate school.
Monday, July 1, 2019 - Tuesday, July 23, 2019
*Refer to the SFC GUIDE for opening time of Gakuji office.
Gakuji office, Ground floor of the Alpha building