SFC GUIDE 2018 (日本語版)正誤表


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2018 SFC学事日程
正:7月17日 2学期制科目の授業回数:14 4学期制科目学期後半の授業回数:13、14
誤:7月17日 補講日

Vol.2 履修案内

p.22 ②クラス指定科目 表について以下のとおり訂正します。

心身ウェルネス クラス変更はできません。
体育1 クラス変更はできません。
[14学則] データサイエンス基礎 クラス変更はできません。
以下略 以下略

④同一科目 以下のとおり訂正します。


SFC GUIDE 2018 (日本語版)


SFC GUIDE 2018 Errata

Vol.1 p.3 Vol.2 p.3
2018 SFC Academic Calendar
Correction:July 17 Class session number for semester courses: 14 Class session number for half-semester courses in the second half of semester: 13, 14
Error:July 17 Makeup Classes

SFC GUIDE 2018 Vol.2

p.24 (b) Class Designated Courses (courses that depend on your "class")

Physical and Mental Health for Campus Life Changing classes is not allowed.
Physical Education 1 Changing classes is not allowed.
Students retaking the course can register only a full-time faculty member’s class in the Spring Semester, or the class for students retaking the course held in the Fall Semester. Be sure to attend the first class and obtain permission to take the course.
[2014 Rules and Regulations] Basics of Data Science Changing classes is not allowed.
The rest is omitted The rest is omitted

(d) Duplicate Courses

In principle, each course can only be taken once for credit counting toward advancement to the next year or graduation, even if the instructor is different. If taking courses at other faculties, you should follow the rules of the hosting faculty on this matter. If you take duplicate courses in the same semester, (The rest is omitted)

SFC GUIDE 2018 (English version)

Vol.1, 2 and 3 are sent to new students and Vol.2 is to Students of the Faculty of Policy Management and the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies.
Vol.3 will be released soon.