Withdrawal from the University


If you decide to withdraw from the university for personal reasons, submit the Notification of Withdrawal to the SFC Academic Affairs Office.

*The process for university withdrawal differs between each undergraduate and graduate faculty. Carefully read this webpage and the SFC Guide Vol. 2 for the Faculty of Policy Management and the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies. Download the form from the link below. The physical form with a carbon copy may also be used.

・Date of withdrawal (year, month, and day)
In principle, the date of withdrawal will be the last day of the semester for which courses have been registered for and all academic fees have been paid. If you only paid academic fees up through the last semester, your date of withdrawal will be the end of the previous semester, and any courses registered for in the current semester will be canceled. The date of withdrawal will always be the end of the last semester for which you paid academic fees, and any credits earned thereafter will be invalidated.

・Academic Fees
If you pay your entire academic fees in the beginning of the academic year (both Spring and Fall lump payments), but wishes to withdraw at the end of Spring Semester, you will only be able to receive a refund for Fall Semester if the Notification of Withdrawal is submitted and accepted by the end of the Spring Semester (September 21).
No refund will be provided if the Notification of Withdrawal is submitted on or after September 22 (the beginning of Fall Semester).

・Earned Credits
Credits earned prior to withdrawal will remain and will not be removed.
However, if the student withdraws without paying their academic fees, any credits earned after the date of withdrawal will be removed.

Important Points

・Submit your student ID card along with the Notification of Withdrawal.
・Be well aware that the Notification of Withdrawal will not be accepted if the signature or seal is the same between the student and guarantor.
・The current address of you and your guarantor must be same as those registered with the university.
・In order to confirm both the student’s and guarantor’s intention for withdrawal, the academic affairs office will contact either the student or the guarantor by phone regardless of the notification being signed or sealed. If the student submits the notification, the academic affairs office will contact the guarantor and vice versa.

*Make sure to refer to the Notification of Withdrawal sample form.